Elise A. Piazza


My new lab is recruiting PhD students, postdocs, and a lab manager for 2020! Feel free to contact me directly by email.


238E PNI
Princeton, NJ 08540

Hi! I'm a C. V. Starr postdoctoral fellow at the Princeton Neuroscience Institute. I received my Ph.D. from the University of California, Berkeley in 2015 and my B.A. from Williams College in 2009. I will be an Assistant Professor of Brain and Cognitive Sciences at the University of Rochester starting in fall 2020.

I study communication, from the perspective of both the perceiver and the producer, using behavioral, computational, and neuroimaging techniques and highly naturalistic paradigms.

Within perception, I am broadly interested in how the brain represents speech and music and how the auditory system uses summary statistics to efficiently process and learn about complex natural sounds. From the perspective of production, I study how speakers adapt their voices to the demands of different audiences and how expert musicians' brains organize auditory information during performance. Finally, to understand the real-time dynamics of communication at the biological level, I use neural coupling as a measure of interpersonal alignment to predict communicative success and learning outcomes.

December 2019: Our work characterizing child-caregiver neural coupling and dynamic tracking of real-time communicative behaviors is out in Psychological Science!

September 2018: Our paper revealing rapid perceptual adaptation to the complex spectral property of natural sounds known as timbre is out in Scientific Reports. Download animal morphs and other demos here!

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